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Many Fused Silica Ceramic Rollers have been shipped to the customers.

Time:2021/12/20 14:30:48 Click on:

Recently, we have been supplied many fused silica ceramic rollers for glass tempering furnace to the customers according to their furnace requests. 

Zibo Ning Thai Ceramic will always focus on fused silica ceramic rollers and alumina ceramic rollers to the toughened glass furnace and roller kiln of ceramic tiles production line.

In additional, we have opened another new field of using both fused silica ceramic rollers and alumina ceramic rollers in the same furnace. That is the furnace of auto sheet metal production. The particular design of hexagonal endcaps are suitable for such this kind of furnace. 

Meanwhile, we also have been supplied other spare parts of glass tempering furnace such as thermocouples, Kevlar ropes, electric heating wire, ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber blanket,etc.

Quality and service are the most important in the sales, I think. 

Zibo Ning Thai Ceramic is the most reliable supplier of industrial ceramic products.

Let's make it better and better in the future 2022.

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