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Application Of Quartz Ceramic In Radome,Fused Silica Roller For Tempering Furnace Manufacturers Answer Questions.

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Quartz ceramic has a very small coefficient of linear expansion (about 0.5 × 10-6K-1), good thermal shock resistance, low dielectric constant (3.0 ~ 3.5) and loss tangent (less than 0.0004), and with temperature The change is small; the thermal conductivity is small, the thermal protection ability is good; the strength increases with the increase of temperature; the manufacturing process is relatively simple and the cost is low. fused silica roller for tempering furnace

Therefore, quartz ceramics have long been the main material for supersonic missile radomes. It can meet the requirements of small loss and distortion of radar wave transmission, and meet the requirements of missile aerodynamic shape, aerodynamic heating and structural strength. Foreign missiles of different models and different airspaces, such as the US Patriots, Pershing II and Italy's "Aspide" missiles, and the US Army's "Sam-D" missile radomes all use fused silica ceramics [13~ 15].fused silica roller for tempering furnace

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