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How Do Alumina Ceramic Rollers Be Sintered?

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Alumina ceramic roller is a ceramic material based on alumina for thick film integrated circuits. alumina ceramic rollers have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. The need to pay attention to the need to use ultrasonic to stop washing. alumina ceramic rollers is a commonly used ceramic. Due to its superior performance, it has become more and more popular in modern society, satisfying the needs of daily use and special performance.

Before the alumina ceramic roller is sintered: the temperature control is very important at this stage. As the temperature continues to rise, the alumina ceramic roller body will contract with the body, but there will be no change in the density and strength. If the observation is stopped at the microscopic level, the size of the crystal grains will change, and the embryo body of the alumina ceramic roller is the most susceptible to cracking at this stage. Since the moisture and binder in the embryo body are discharged, The phenomenon of cracking will be relatively large, so temperature control is particularly important.

In the sintering of alumina ceramic rollers, the temperature will change slightly in the whole process of sintering, and the embryo body of alumina ceramic roller will continue to shrink, but the change of density will be relatively large, and the grain will be microscopically If the observation is stopped, the change will not be particularly obvious, and there will be no more adhesion between the particles and the particles, so the pores will become smaller and smaller, because the embryo body of the alumina ceramic roller is more compact in volume. Great changes, so the phenomenon of cracking and deformation continues to exist.

After the alumina ceramic roller is sintered: the temperature change is the largest during the final sintering process, and the change between the density and the embryo body is also very obvious. Whether it is microscopic or direct observation, the grain will change greatly, and the pores will change. The smaller and smaller, will directly constitute more individual pores, so there will be more pores directly attached to the grain.

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