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Fire Resistance of high temperature alumina ceramic roller

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Performance Index of Ceramic Roller

(1) Thermal stability: It mainly reflects the cold and heat resistance of rollers. Good thermal stability can improve the service life of rollers and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

(2) Bending strength: Because the ceramic roller mainly plays the role of load-bearing and transmission, it generally works under the action of high temperature and load. Bending strength is an important index of ceramic roller. To a certain extent, the higher the bending strength, the better.

(3) Absorption rate: Absorption rate is closely related to the density of the roller. The more the roller is used at high temperature, the smaller the water absorption rate is required.

(4) Fire resistance: refers to the performance of resisting high temperature without melting and softening under no load. High fire resistance indicates that raw materials are of good purity and low impurity content, but fire resistance does not represent the highest service temperature of the roller, and the service temperature of the roller is lower than its fire resistance.

(5) Straightness: Straightness reflects the straightness of the roller, which is an important manifestation of the quality of the roller. Rollers with unqualified straightness are liable to cause product deformation.

(6) Thermal expansion coefficient: For ceramic roller, it is hoped that its thermal expansion coefficient is small, so that it is not easy to bend when the temperature varies greatly, so as to ensure the smooth production.

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