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Is alumina ceramic roller suitable for decoration industry?

Time:2019/3/30 16:11:26 Click on:

Usually in the decoration industry will also be exposed to a lot of ceramic products, but most of them are not what we call alumina ceramics, then users wonder, alumina ceramic rollers can be used in the decoration industry? Here is an introduction for you, I hope everyone can have some understanding and understanding.

In fact, this problem has to be explained from the characteristics of ceramics. Ceramics used in modern home decoration will become dull after a period of time. There are even many fine lines on the surface of ceramics. From this point alone, we can judge that this is not alumina ceramics. Because alumina ceramics belong to wear-resistant ceramics, they have very high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, so they are basically applicable in various occasions.

In addition to alumina ceramic rollers, SiC ceramics are also a good product. If you want to keep the ceramics in their original state after long-term use, two kinds of ceramics, alumina and SiC ceramics, should be established. At the same time, we should pay attention to the quality of ceramics in order to avoid trouble. Above is the explanation of the applicability of alumina in decoration industry. I hope everyone can have some understanding and understanding.

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